No Control

No control
of future
its past
With shadow
in tow
I shall

With body
in whole
in mass
With darkness
of night
and reflections
of past


perfect strangers

As I put this pen to paper
I wonder
Will I connect
with a perfect stranger
Do my words have meaning
to you
or are they mine alone?
If I share an emotion, an experience, or idea
with a perfect stranger
Can I connect for a moment
or lasting?
I gather my thoughts
press them to paper
Thoughts that would be otherwise lost
Collecting ideas and experiences that are part of a story
a glimpse of my perceptions
and experiences
Words that may not be profound or worthy of applause
But they are mine
A reflection of me
If my words find their way to a perfect stranger
For a moment
May we share a thought?
an emotion, an experience, or idea
as momentary friends
Across miles
Across time

The Final Breath

There is a point on the horizon

Where you stand with your heart wide open

Surrounded by love, friends, and family

A point that is undetermined

  A point that is everlasting

Where the light is pure and waiting

A path that’s sure and deserving

Of a life lived worth earning

  There is a point on the horizon

Where the future and past are burning

The start of a life unknowing

Distant, dim, and foreboding

The Promise of faith un-wavering

Where you begin to release your burden

Of hardships faced and conquered

The miracle of life you are seeing

  There is a point on the horizon

Where you face the solitude and loathing

The point you realize the purpose

Of the wonder, the gift, and the suffering

There is a point on the horizon

Where goodness and freedom are waiting

Filled with quiet and understanding

The final breath to begin breathing