Fragile Life

Life’s fragility
Finds me today
I can’t support
Its sinking weight
Ashes to ashes
Dust to fate
I’m holding back
I’m giving way

In my consciousness
I confess
To better my life
To save the best
Now lay me down
To take my rest
From the clutter
And this mess

Happiness is as fleeting
As a sound
Life’s always waiting
To bring you round
Into sadness
To the ground
Leaving you to lie
With the hounds

Darkness will find you
In waiting turn
Repeating lessons
Repeatedly learned
Until feelings ripen
And start to churn
Searing your soul
Fearing the burn

Waking up to Marigolds

I’m waking up to marigolds
Glorious colors for my eyes delight
Glowing in hazy morning sight
Brilliant reds, orange, and yellows

Sound of bare feet on oaken floor
In the doorway standing there
Half a smile and a sultry stare
Radiant beauty that I adore

Dust lingers in still morning air
Atoms sparkle in colliding flight
Silhouette in the morning’s light
Contours outlined with aura flare

From your eyes to your breast
Curls of yellow layered in gold
A white cotton lace camisole
And a sterling silver neckless

Summer skin of sandstone brown
Wearing a pleated cotton dress
Legs smooth to my caress
Gentle to touch soft as sound.

Your open lips intent foretold
With the floating flutter of a leaf
Touch mine for a moment brief
In your hair are marigolds

30 years through perils of life
Sighed and surrendered with relief
Laid down my head in my belief
30 years more you’ll be my wife

Sit Right Here (in the glow)

I’m going to sit right here
And watch the tide roll in
As the sun’s glow lays down
And the search light moon rises

And a new day bears dawn

I’m going to wait right here
And ponder the morning’s calm
As the flower’s secrets unfold
And the fruit ripens

And wait for the answers to come

I’m going to hold real still
And listen to my heart swarm
As I breathe in and sigh
And my shadow wakes and pauses

And my skin blushes with warmth

Late Night Blogger

I’m an early riser
At least that’s what I believe
I can’t explain
Why I just get my start
(In early eve)

Try as I may
It seems to be
I can not post
Unless it’s dark
(or until late eve)

I’m late for breakfast
I’m late for tea
I’m late for dinner
I’m late for this post
(I do believe)

Sometimes thoughtful
Sometime chee-see
But I like posting
When the world is asleep
(except for me)

(Don’t pull my) Bull Nose Ring

Don’t pull my bull nose ring
It’s not that kind of thing
If that’s how it’s going to be
Then baby, let me free

Don’t yank my wild dog chain
It’ll only bring me pain
If that’s how it’s going to be
Then baby, let me be

Don’t rattle my monkey cage
It’ll only move my rage
If that’s how it’s going to be
Then baby, I’m gonna take leave

I’ll be running for the shore
I’m not looking for an all-out war
Like a leaf without a tree
I’ll be floating on the breeze

Break Away

You say you want to run away
So let’s go on a long lost drive
Far away from our cares
And leave this shit behind

You say you want your freedom
So let’s lock hands and break away
To a secret place beyond the lights
And leave this shit behind

You say you want to breathe
So let’s find a clear blue stream
Gaze into a dark starry night
And leave this shit behind

You say you want solitude
So let’s join in quiet union
Share the sounds of silence
And leave this shit behind

You say you want to fly away
So let’s spread our wings
Drift with the clouds on high
And leave this shit behind

Collision of Minds

You the provocateur
The mischief maker
The mind expander
Thought shaper
Laying your lines
In day lit shadows
The slightest tug
Positions your arrow
Luring the unwary
Or veteran favored
A heroic rendezvous
Surrenders waivered
A timeless place
Where moments cheer
Two voices compete
And the world disappears
White knuckled conviction
Synapsis singing and clashing
The universe expands
The song of minds colliding
Ideas born and broken
Reddened face veins splitting
Perspectives challenged
Pathways convincing
The worm holes hold
Struggle bound unrelenting
Capture the truth be told
In a cage of your invention
Nothing personal but
The personal connection
Time with your thoughts
With you and your perception