Flower Pop


In to the fray

Walk with me now
into the fray
Where drizzle saturates
the white with the gray
Where the sky and horizon
diffuse the way
Between the darkness edge
and the dismal of the day

Where shadows dissolve
in a halo of white
And colors imbue pure
in bold richness insight
In an absent field
softened by light
Between the gray of the day
and the gray of the night

In the groove

I drop the needle in the deep dark grooves
A pop and a hiss as it drifts into place.
The world fades back my cares removed
Anticipation and wonder fill the space

Printed words spin round and round
Speaking of love and reflecting on life
Painting a canvass of air with sound
Invoking emotions and memories alike

Poetry embossed in concentric rings
Carving a path through visions of sound
Woven in music the lyric sings
Layers of harmonies and chorus resound

Braided wires laced silver and copper
Pulsing life to speakers beyond
The rhythm of youth and poet rocker
Reliving the beat of days long gone

Transcending time at thirty three and a third
I’m in heaven consumed in melodic bliss
I’m hanging on to every word
Reverberating with the music’s kiss