Missing Robin Williams

Robin Williams showed us what people can be and how we should treat each other. He opened his soul and we laughed and we cried. His genius was his humility and his humanity. His demons were our blessing. We saw the sun burn bright orange and then dissapear. Its beauty everlasting.


Sacred Ground

by rrearick

It’s the end of an era the end of a time
Collateral sadness and honor combined

A time of reckoning of letting go

We grieve at a place our hearts fame
Sacred ground with pride proclaimed

Experiences fostered and left to grow

For the fell of life of those beloved
For the joy of life found and discovered

At a place where memories stow

We’ve walked these woods and water
Walked the same paths of all that matters

The seeds of our life watered and sown

The era goes on following life’s line
Through our love destined to find

Through the love already known