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Fragile Life

Life’s fragility
Finds me today
I can’t support
Its sinking weight
Ashes to ashes
Dust to fate
I’m holding back
I’m giving way

In my consciousness
I confess
To better my life
To save the best
Now lay me down
To take my rest
From the clutter
And this mess

Happiness is as fleeting
As a sound
Life’s always waiting
To bring you round
Into sadness
To the ground
Leaving you to lie
With the hounds

Darkness will find you
In waiting turn
Repeating lessons
Repeatedly learned
Until feelings ripen
And start to churn
Searing your soul
Fearing the burn

Sit Right Here (in the glow)

I’m going to sit right here
And watch the tide roll in
As the sun’s glow lays down
And the search light moon rises

And a new day bears dawn

I’m going to wait right here
And ponder the morning’s calm
As the flower’s secrets unfold
And the fruit ripens

And wait for the answers to come

I’m going to hold real still
And listen to my heart swarm
As I breathe in and sigh
And my shadow wakes and pauses

And my skin blushes with warmth

Break Away

You say you want to run away
So let’s go on a long lost drive
Far away from our cares
And leave this shit behind

You say you want your freedom
So let’s lock hands and break away
To a secret place beyond the lights
And leave this shit behind

You say you want to breathe
So let’s find a clear blue stream
Gaze into a dark starry night
And leave this shit behind

You say you want solitude
So let’s join in quiet union
Share the sounds of silence
And leave this shit behind

You say you want to fly away
So let’s spread our wings
Drift with the clouds on high
And leave this shit behind

For my daughter

Build your fortress of books and open the brilliant door to wonder. Feel the cool pages in your hands. Dry, smooth, and crisp. Fold the corners and visit often. Remember the moments that each holds. Let your imagination shine through. Give yourself room to roam. Live your life with a sorcorer’s magic and a knights resolve. Revel in the rebels rebellion. Believe in yourself and the power you wield. Wander through the script. Scribble some notes in the margins. Write your own story. Re-write. When the pages are worn and tattered, start a new book.

Yesterday’s Cake

The sun shines through
the kitchen window

Yesterday’s cake
sits on the counter
in mornings light
a reminder of stories told
hugs and handshakes
and candles glowing

A single day
another year passes
ties are renewed
bonds are strengthened
no futures told
no headlines solved
no revelations divulged

A cup of afternoon coffee
a slice of chocolate cake
white frosting brimming
a reminiscence sigh
one more day
of guilt free deserts
and warming thoughts
of yesterday’s cake