“Didn’t I come to bring you a sense of wonder
Didn’t I come to lift your fiery vision bright”
Van Morrison, 1985

Welcome to my view from A L A S K A!  I hope you will appreciate my perspective on life and the world through my original poems, photographs, art, and whatever.  Some of my post relate directly to my life in Alaska but most explore a range of my interest in the beautiful, sincere, obscure, and comical.  As an Architect I have an appreciation for the built environment.  As an Alaskan I have an appreciation for nature and the great outdoors.  As an artist I have an appreciation for unique interpretations of life.

I hope we can find some common ground in which to connect. Whether or not you choose to follow my blog I would enjoy reading your comments.



  1. Wonderful photograph… I have dreams one of them Himalayas and the other one is Alaska… 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and also Thank you for this beautiful blog, It will be great voyage for me to be your follower. With my love, nia

    1. Nia, thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed your blog as well. I like how you capture the everyday things around you with a creative eye. Thanks for following. I hope you enjoy.

  2. Hey, thank you for the follow, and for the discourse about a poem’s first flutterings before fully fledging.
    Your blog is beautiful – photography and words are amazing.
    A 🙂

    1. thanks ms. kittykatmandoo. much appreciated. I’ll be watching what you have to say. My biggest problem with this blog business is that the only relevant items are recent posts but so many people have so much that they have posted that I’ll never be able to see. so many possible paths to cross. maybe we just cross paths with what we are meant to cross. anyway, do appreciate the exchange.

    1. Thank you. Some of my earlier poems are a bit dark in my journey through the grief of the loss of my brother but all and all I intend to be real and postiive in my postings. Glad you like it.

  3. Nice pictures and thoughtful poems. Super idea to combine both! And thanks for the like on “New Page: oh, no!!! self-portraits!!!” at my blog. Have a nice week, Adrian

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