Collision of Minds

You the provocateur
The mischief maker
The mind expander
Thought shaper
Laying your lines
In day lit shadows
The slightest tug
Positions your arrow
Luring the unwary
Or veteran favored
A heroic rendezvous
Surrenders waivered
A timeless place
Where moments cheer
Two voices compete
And the world disappears
White knuckled conviction
Synapsis singing and clashing
The universe expands
The song of minds colliding
Ideas born and broken
Reddened face veins splitting
Perspectives challenged
Pathways convincing
The worm holes hold
Struggle bound unrelenting
Capture the truth be told
In a cage of your invention
Nothing personal but
The personal connection
Time with your thoughts
With you and your perception



    1. Actually, it is in the early afternoon. The metal skin of the building on right is a very reflective purplish color. It’s taken at the Experience Theater in Seattle.

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