The Evenings Light

Paper balloons on a warm summer’s night
Stars punch through the darkened sky
Stillness prevails evening begins
Day glows dim to paling light

Meandering sparks with tails bright
Appearance of will and luminous life
Ascending on the fires wind
Fading to black in fiery flight

Pairing moon’s crescent slight
Breeze blows through birch trees might
Fluttering bats pass through the limbs
Provoking the urge to flee or fight

Creatures of darkness seize the night
Moving quietly out of sight
Marking the path previously been
Imposing wills of nature’s right

Warmth is cut with a chilling knife
Night acquiesces its biparous strife
Morning glows as night rescinds
Day breaks blue brimming light



    1. thanks. I like this alot too. I wrote the first line a couple months ago and then let it simmer in my mind. When I decided to finish the poem it fell into place rather quickly.

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