Paper Boy

Most of my siblings and I delivered newspapers when we were young. We earned very little but it taught us the value of hard work and impressed us with lasting memories that we’ll never forget, some good and some not so good. This is a brief summary of our experience. If you were a Paper Boy or Paper Girl then I think you’ll understand.

Papers dropped off bundled in twine
Groups of fifty or more at a time
Their size determined by the news of the day
Counted and stuffed into canvass bags
Printed on paper the cheapest rag
Newsprint blackened our fingers and hands
As we counted them out making our plan
We walked the route day after day
Following our plans but changing the way
Sometimes on foot and sometimes on bike
Starting by day and returning at night
Walking down alleys in the dead of winter
Thinking about later hungry for dinner
The big dipper our constant companion
Traveling through darkness walking in tandem
The farmers market marked halfway home
Staying long enough to absorb the warmth
Spending two bits of hard earned money
Savoring our Reeses and Bit-O-Honey
Each paper delivered on porch or in box
Past barking dogs and kids throwing rocks
Up stairs and corridors to apartments for rent
Through yards and fences without consent
Finally home battered tired
All papers delivered as stipulated
and as required


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