the wrinkles on your face

The wrinkles on your face are a tapestry of your life.

Woven through time
Each one marking the milestones of your journey
Some are deep and well defined reflective of a lifetime earned
Others fine and feathering out of sight
They pinch together at the edges of your eyes
Lighting a pathway to the portals that express your zeal for life

A cartographers masterpiece drawn with a precision hand
Perfectly rendered with a calligraphers grace

The wrinkles on your face make me realize the beauty of age and of your willing sacrifice.

To give to us all that you could
Without regret of opportunities passed
You’ve poured out your love and refilled the glass

The wrinkles on your face are like a field of sunflowers on a warm sunny day.

Blooming with a blinding radiance of joy and pride
When your grand kids look at you with their skin so soft they can see the love in your wrinkles
Accepting without question
They trace the lines with their small fingers and affirming eyes
Following the path to your eyes
Full of wonder and awe for their grandma so perfect and proud
They say “I love you grandma” and in that moment you are the their universe, their center
Safe and in loving embrace that will hold them for all their days to come

A families prize

The wrinkles in your face reflect your struggles and triumphs.

You have prevailed
You have stayed true to life’s purpose and given more than received
You have treated us equally with love, respect, and honest critique
You have set a standard and framework for living that has guided us through life’s hardships and rewards
You have an artist’s soul and a poets heart
Beating the truth and rewards found in daily living

Your wrinkles are indelibly embossed on the pages of time.

When I look into your eyes I see the reason why you put your heart into mine and made your family your priority
I thank you now for each wrinkle on your face
I thank you for you
I love you


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