mendeltna 247 memories

Anticipation. Non-sense. Loading up. Lady. Excitement. Settle. Quiet. Hum of the motor. Glenn Highway. Valley splendor. Hay fields. Cows. Ice crème stop. Sleeping Lady. Railroad crossing. 8 track polka. Counting dead rabbits. Counting cars. Steep. Cliffs. Falling rocks.Twisting road. Do not pass. Glacier. Gunsight Mountain. Frost heaves. Eureka. Little trees. Are we there yet?
A long sweeping bend in the asphalt. A lonely wayside. A small winding creek. A pioneers abandoned cabins. An eternal place. Milk and cookies. H o m e. Darkness. Blackest blue. Billions of stars saturate the sky. Clouds of pin lights. Semi’s rounding the bend. Faint to a roar. Lights out. Quiet. Isolated. Sleep.

First light. Fresh air. Cool. Crisp. Frost. The decay of fall. Sunshine.Gold and green and red. Dew on the leaves. The smell of coffee. Bacon. Eggs. Beer pancakes. The snap of a twig. The crack of the fire. Musty log cabins.

Jim. Hun. 44 in the holster. Giant. Deep voice. Quiet. Hip boots. Wicker fishing creel. Protector. Big hands.
Bug dope. Bear tracks. Lady ventures ahead. Hip boots. Poles. Current. Eddies. Fishing. Wading in the water. Bear tracks. Blueberries. Bugs. Brush. Lookin’ for the hole. Fish. Bugs. Brush. Rain. Sun. Hail. Rocks in the river. Fish on. Fish heads. Fish Scales. Fish Guts.
Josephine. Josie. Jo. Bandana hat. Hip boots. Blue sweat shirt. Soft hands. Caring.
Circle of stones. Circle of light. Willows. Weenie sticks. Poker sticks. Weenies roasting. Marshmallows burning. Beer cap puzzles. Whittling. Stories. Laughing. Northern lights. Glow of the camper. Muffled conversation. Card games. Hum of the generator. Laughter. Sleeping bags. Scary stories. Blackness. Fear. Quiet.
Ashes. Flowers. Memories.
by Richard Rearick


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