Frozen in Time


The glare of the sun on the ice
My hand on my brow squinting eyes
A plane of water frozen in time
Across the distance the shore climbs
I step on the surface expecting a sound
A statement of reject of solid ground
My foot slides forward searching for permission
To pass with purpose and quiet discretion
The snap of the ice in protest and precision
An invitation to pass is neither offered nor given
Solid ground is forfeit as I establish my position
Slowly advancing, I stand, and I listen
I move further toward a certain commitment
Where there is no turning back, a hopeless instant
I pause for a moment to survey my condition
Of the ice, my footing, the whole situation
That’s when a rumble confirms my conviction
Seeking me out in a cry of rebellion
Faltered reason, a misplaced calculation
My trust is breached in an act of persuasion
A fools trespass, the price of admission
Water replaces air, balancing the equation

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